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Yaesu FT-60RI have my FCC license at Technician level for ham radio. To prepare for the exam I signed up for which I would recommend to anyone wanting to receive their ham radio license. I don't talk on it much and intended to use for emergency communications when camping, climbing and backpacking.

My radio is a Yaesu FT-60. I recently upgraded the antenna to a Diamond SRH77CA. I also have a Single Band N9TAX Slim Jim antenna which can be hung from a tree in the back country.

To aid in programming I use RT Systems ADMS-1J Software and USB-57A Cable. I have created files with repeater information and other relevant information based on where I plan to be (ie. Eastern Sierra, Joshua Tree, Buckskin Gulch etc...). This makes using the radio practical for an inexperienced ham like me!

Other accessories I utilize include: FNB-83 1400mAh Ni-MH Battery, E-DC-6 12v DC charge cable wired into my truck and the MH-37A4B headphone and mic set.

Click here to view the Yaesu FT-60R manual.
Click here for a doc on programing repeater.

Ham Links

Band Frequency Range
144 or 2-meter 108.000 - 200.000
250 200.050 - 299.9875
350 300.000 - 399.9875

430 or 70-centimeter

400.000 - 520.000
850 700.000 - 999.9875


QTH - What is your location? Or my location is.
QSL - I understand or can you acknowledge receipt?
QSY - I’m changing frequency to, or can you change frequency to?
QRZ - Who is calling me?
QRT - I am finished transmitting or please stop transmitting.
QSO - Can you communicate? Or I can communicate.
QRM - I am experiencing interference (man made).
QRN - I am experiencing interference (natural).

Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo
Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet
Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar
Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango
Uniform Victor Whiskey X-Ray Yankee