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Outings List 2012

Date Days * Event Location Type Tour Leader
14-Jan 3 Troop Bike Hike San Diego County Bike Tour Catron/Catalino
22-Jan 1 Troop Webelos Dayhike Powder Canyon Day Outing Johnson/
11-Feb 3 Troop Death Valley Campout Death Valley Tailgate Foster/Riseling
25-Feb 2 Troop Scoumaster's Mystery    Tailgate Lewis
3-Mar 1 Troop University of Scouting Santa Ana College Training Kruse
4-Mar 1 Int Shooting Outing TBD Day Outing Lewis/Arnold
10-Mar 1 Troop Snow Summit Snow Valley Day Outing Clark/Fixa
17-Mar 2 Int/HA PCT San Diego County Backpack Haughton/Koeck
31-Mar 1 Troop Tenderfoot Advancement TBD Tailgate Chang/Fixa
9-Apr 4-5 Int/HA Grand Canyon Rim 2 River Grand Canyon-South Bass Trail Backpack Arnold/TBD
14-Apr 1 Troop Backpack Clinic Scout Hut Training HAT
21-Apr 1 Troop Camporee Training Scout Hut Training Lewis/ASM's
28-Apr 3 Troop Camporee Firestone Tailgate Lewis/ASMs
4-May 3 Res West Point United States Military Academy, West Point Tailgate  
5-May 1 Troop Training Dayhike Angeles National Forest Day Hike Chang/Fixa
12-May 1 Int/HA 3Ts San Bernadino N.F. Day Outing Catron/Johnson
12-May 1 Troop Scout-O-Rama Oak Canyon Day Outing Cook/Gardner
19-May 2 HA San Gorgonio Climb San Gorgonio Wilderness Backpack Foster/Johnson
26-May 3 Int Channel Islands Channel Island NP Backpack Tovey/Pirnat
2-Jun 1 Troop National Trails Day Angeles Forest Day Outing Haughton/Maspero
16-Jun 2 Troop First Year Backpack Angeles Forest Backpack Chang/Fixa
19-Jun 1 Troop Deep Sea Fishing BNO Newport Landing Day Outing Kruse/Luka
30-Jun 1-2 Troop Fishing TBD Tailgate TBD
8-Jul 7 HA Summer Camp  Back country Backpack TBD
15-Jul 7 Troop Summer Camp    Tailgate Catalino/Pirnat
28-Jul 2 Troop Backpack   Backpack Chang/Fixa
4-Aug 2 HA White Mountain Inyo National Forest Backpack Foster/Catron
17-Aug 3 Troop 2nd Class Adv Outing Tinnemaha Tailgate Chang/Fixa
20-Aug 6 Troop High Sierra  High Sierra Backpack Catron/Koeck
8-Sep 1 Troop Badel-Powell Day Hike Angeles National Forest Day Hike Foster/Catalino
22-Sep 2 Troop Bragrag San Gorgonio Wilderness Backpack Chang/Fixa
22-Sep 2 Int Backpack San Gorgonio Wilderness Backpack Johnson
13-Oct 1 Troop Shotgun Shooting Outing Prado Dam Day Outing Lewis
26-Oct 2 Troop Catalina Moonwalk Catalina Island Backpack Foster/Kruse
3-Nov 2 Troop 1st Class Adv Outing TBD Tailgate Chang/Fixa
10-Nov 1 Troop Orienteering Practice Test Carbon Canyon Regional Park Training Chang/Fixa
23-Nov 2 Troop Military Outing USS Midway Tailgate  
1-Dec 2 Troop Webelos Invitational   Tailgate Lewis/ASM's
14-Dec 1 Troop Mistletoe Preparation Scout Hut Day Outing  
15-Dec 1 Troop Mistletoe Sales Various Spots Day Outing Troop
26-Dec 1 Troop Bike Hike (Tour  Leader's Decision) Day Outing  
12-Jan 1 Troop 1st Class Orienteering Test Top Secret Location! Testing Chang